Dear Mikvah Board,


We hope that you will take a few minutes of your time to let us help the women suffering through infertility in your community. We are looking to send, at no cost to you, signs to display in each Mikvah prep room.


Yesh Tikva strives to serve the emotional needs of Jewish couples struggling with infertility and aims to increase awareness, empathy and sensitivity from within the community at large.


The Mikvah, as a symbol of life cycles and rituals, is an ideal place to reach these women in the privacy of the prep room. Women undergoing fertility treatments many times find going to the Mikvah a harsh reality and reminder that their bodies have failed them and their dreams of motherhood have slipped through their fingers, yet again. A woman once described her experience of going to the Mikvah after a failed treatment as follows:


The Gemarah talks about the Mikvah waters signifying rebirth from the state of tumah. The impurity of women’s niddah is actually referred to as “a whisper of death.” Now I understand why… When I sat in the prep room I realized that, every month that I had to go to the Mikvah it was because my body didn’t give life, and it was a whisper, a small shot that it could of happened, but it didn’t. My body had failed me in the past. Will this month be different? I sat in the prep room getting my mind set to have my own moment with Hashem to say, I guess you have a plan for me, and I trust in you, but please help me now.


While prepping alone in a bathroom, many times tears are shed. Let these women look up from their tears and see a lifeline, an organization with a website where women can share their stories of success and failure, and others can anonymously join the support forums to ask questions and look for chizuk.


We welcome you to view our site, see the pdf of our signs and let us know how we can partner to reach these women in your community.

To order signs for your Mikvah email the following information to

# of prep rooms/signs needed

size of signs (options: 8.5 x 11 or 5×7)


Thank you,


Yesh Tikva