Mikvah Infertility Awareness Campaign

A special thank you to the sponsors of the first printing of our  Mikvah Poster:

Lilui Nishmat Rav Yechiel Ben Rav Yisroel and Chana Bas Rav Yeshaya by their Grandchildren


Dina and Daniel Goldberg – “In support of our friends and family members navigating infertility.”

New Mikvah Poster coming soon! Help us choose the new design.

Every entry will be entered for a chance to win one of two Amazon gift cards.

For all Mikvahs interested in participating email Support@YeshTikva.org for more information on how to order your complementary Mikvah Posters.

Participating Mikvahs:

Participating Mikvahs:

Chabad of Alabama Mikvah
Mikvah Society of Los Angeles
Mikvah La Brea
Mikvah Society Valley Village
Abraham Dayan Mikvah Burbank
La Jolla Mikvah
Mikvah Chana Lubavitch Lomita
Mei Menachem Mikvah Sacramento
Beth Jacob Community Mikvah Oakland
Dryan Family Mikvah Palo Alto
Mikvah Israel San Diego
Mikvah Society Of San Jose 
Mikvah Chaya Mushka of Santa Barbara 
Mikvah of Beth Israel
Mikvah Ahai Yosef
Mikva Chaim
Mikvah Boca Raton
Metro Atlanta Community Mikvah (MACoM)
Adam R Strauss Memorial Mikvah
Kansas Mikvah Association
Chevrat Nashim of Sharon
Daughters of Israel
New Jersey:
Chabad Mikva Bris Avrohom Hillside
Highland Park Mikvah
Young Israel of East Brunswick Mikvah
Ziga Roshanski Mikvah of Linden
Mikveh Yisroel of Springfiled, NJ
 New York:
Mikvah of Queens of Forest Hills
Toby Pelman Mikvah of Hillcrest
Mikvah Association of Long Island
Mikvah Hebrew Community Service Far Rockaway
The Hamptons Mikvah
New Rochelle Mikvah
Mikvah of Brooklyn Heights
Bnos Israel Mikvah Albany
Cincinnati Community Mikvah
Columbus Mikvah
The Mikveh at Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El