Infertility & Jewish Law

Infertility and fertility treatments can be very stressful.  For Jewish couples and individuals, there is the added pressure of keeping within the strictures of Halakha (Jewish law).  However, asking Halakhic questions (questions pertaining to Jewish law) will go a long way in mitigating the stressful nature of the fertility journey. It is critical that the person consulted  is familiar with current developments in reproductive medicine and the details of the specific halakhic issues involved OR will readily consult with somebody who is.  Without consulting an expert, people undergoing fertility treatments are often stricter than necessary  in halakhic  matters because they have nobody to ask or are too embarrassed.

Yesh Tikva is here to help.  The Infertility and Halakha program was established to provide support in obtaining  halakhic guidance.   

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Our yoatzot (advisors)  are here to guide you through any questions you may have relating to Halakha, fertility, and infertility treatments.   When complex situations arise that require an individual ruling, they will provide support in reaching out to rabbinic authorities (such as the couple’s own rabbi).

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The Jewish Law & Infertility Program is under the direction of Dalia Shulman, Yoetzet Halacha and Penina Dienstag, MD, Yoetzet Halacha.

Our Yoatzot are in consultation with the following Rabbis & Physicians:

Rabbi Kenneth Auman

Rabbi Gedalyah Berger

Rabbi Baruch Simon

Rabbi Richard Weiss, MD

Anate Aelion Brauer, MD, MS, FACOG

Diana Chavkin, MD, FACOG

David Reichman, MD, FACOG

Ilana Ressler, MD, FACOG

Dalia Shulman was trained as a Yoetzet Halacha at Nishmat’s  Miriam Glaubach U.S. Yoatzot Fellows Program in Teaneck, NJ.  She currently serves as a Yoetzet for five synagogues in Westchester County, NY.  

Penina Dienstag, MD was trained as a Yoetzet Halacha at the Nishmat Keren Ariel program in Jerusalem. A physician and graduate of The Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, she began her residency as an OB GYN at NYU Lutheran Hospital, and completed her residency at SUNY Downstate in anesthesia. Penina is currently a board certified anesthesiologist practicing on Long Island.

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