Fertility Treatments & Jewish Law:

A Comprehensive Guide

A Project of the Yesh Tikva Infertility & Jewish Law Program

This guide was prepared  by Yoetzet Halakha Dalia Shulman for Yesh Tikva  under the guidance of Rabbi Gedalyah Berger and Dr. Ilana Ressler *.

The mission of Yesh Tikva’s Infertility & Jewish Law Program is to help YOU, members of our YT community on a fertility journey, navigate any halakhic (Jewish Law) issues that may arise without unnecessary stress.   The key is asking the right questions- but how? Where do you begin? What information do you need first? It can be overwhelming, and that’s why Yesh Tikva is here to help.   

If you are a patient , this guide will help you to ask the right questions to your halakhic advisor.  If you are a halakhic advisor, this guide is designed to assist you in guiding individuals with questions pertaining to Jewish Law and infertility. Please click HERE to contact a Yoetzet Halakha from YT if you need help getting started.

Please note that in the many instances where there are various halakhic opinions, this guide does not provide a ruling (psak halakha).   If you are undergoing a procedure that is not included in this guide, please let us know! We are always striving to improve the resources we have to offer you.  For general issues relevant to all fertility tests & procedures, please see our general guide.

*  Thank you to Yoetzet Halakha Penina Dienstag, MD and Yoetzet Halakha Tova Warburg Sinensky for their helpful suggestions.
Patient Guide

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