Journaling for ART Part 12 – By: Avigayil Schreiber


Monday morning I had to go back to the clinic for the second dosage of medication. I spoke to the nurse about how awful my experience had been. She apologized and talked to me about what was happening. I felt sick from all the medication. My stomach was in so much pain. She told [...]

Journaling for ART Part 12 – By: Avigayil Schreiber2019-11-18T10:42:26-08:00



There is something so special about receiving a gift. Especially if it is one you have wanted your entire life. You know that energy during the Holiday Oprah episode when everyone in the audience walks away with the most incredible gifts. The well known Oprah declaration ringing out “you get a gift, and you [...]


A Different Kind of Infertility- By: Anonymous


There is a kind of infertility that no one speaks about but it is so prevalent in our society. No, it is not because of a medical problem or a timing problem but rather a status problem. It is present in the Jewish single men and women who are longing to have a life [...]

A Different Kind of Infertility- By: Anonymous2019-08-26T14:32:46-07:00

Memories of Thanksgiving Past – By: Rachel


Two years ago on Thanksgiving marks my “rock bottom” of infertility. I had just suffered another miscarriage, from a pregnancy that so much time, energy and money had gone into. You see, we did a year of IVF cycles and genetic testing and only came up with two good embryos; this was one of [...]

Memories of Thanksgiving Past – By: Rachel2019-08-26T14:32:46-07:00

Mikvah Poster


Dear Mikvah Board,   We hope that you will take a few minutes of your time to let us help the women suffering through infertility in your community. We are looking to send, at no cost to you, signs to display in each Mikvah prep room.   Yesh Tikva strives to serve the emotional needs of [...]

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